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Improve Your Credit Score, Increase your Possibilities

Legally Remove Bad Credit And Increase Your Credit Score!​
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The Credit Surgeon

Steve West of The Credit Surgeon has 26 years of experience in the credit repair and financial services business.

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You deserve to know what's on your credit reports. Start getting them for free today and find out how much of a difference we can make in improving scores, building bank accounts, or buying homes with better financing options!

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We will provide you with all the necessary information to get started, including copies of both your credit reports and scores, so that together we can review them in order to find solutions for any problems you may have!

Improve your Credit score

We’ll work with you to improve your credit score over time. We know that good things don't happen overnight, so we'll continue working closely together to make sure all of those positive changes are seen by lenders soon enough!

Our Process


Financial Checkout

We’ll get to the bottom of your credit report, and we won’t stop until we have every detail.


Action Plan

After reviewing your reports and score, we’ll create a personalize plan for your case.


Credit Score Increase

See the improvement on your score month to month.

Our Services

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Financial Orientation

First, you need to know what a credit score is. Basically, it is a 3-digit number from 300 to 850 that shows how creditworthy you are. It's used to determine if you can take a loan and what interest rate you can apply to.

How to build your credit note with dollars behind it

Credit Builders Plan

We fight for you against the creditors, collection agencies, and credit bureaus to help remove negative items that are hurting your ability to buy houses or access other financial services. We'll help you build your credit and increase your score.

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