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About Us

Legally remove bad records on your credit and increase your score!

Stephen West who has been in the credit repair business for 26 years.

His talents help individuals and couples repair their credit and improve their overall financial condition.  Think about it. What other Credit Repair organization has this much talent and experience to help consumers rebuild their credit and obtain their financial goals. He uses his unique qualifications and experience which have helped thousands of consumers over the past 20 years to rebuild their credit, obtain home loans, new car loans and refinance their homes.

His success rate is remarkable. Consumers from across the United States call to become clients and thousands of clients have been helped by The Credit Surgeon. Additionally, banks, mortgage lenders, car dealers, and mobile home dealers send their customers who have been “turned down” for credit to The Credit Surgeon

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Our Number 1 goal is to increase your credit score

We be your advocate who will fight for you against the credit bureaus, creditors and collection agencies

Bad Reports

Removing negative items from your credit is important, your credit scores can increase despite the negative items residing on your credit reports. In essence, implementing one simple strategy can increase your credit scores within 30 days even though those negative items remain your credit reports. Most if not all credit repair agencies only work toward removing the negative items from your credit files. They do not advise you or help you increase your credit scores.

Insider Secrets

After paying these so-called credit repair agencies a lot of money, you will be very disappointed when you discover your application for a loan has been denied because your credit score is too low. We provide our clients with insider secrets to making those credit scores increase exponentially while we work to remove the negative items off all 3 credit bureaus. Unless you enroll with us, you are losing money and time that will get you qualified for that loan.

We want to help you

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The past can be tough to live down, but don’t let it hold you back! You deserve a fresh start and we are here for that. Let us help your credit life and improve it.

Credit Repair Experts!